Private sessions consist of a dyad, an opportunity to meet and greet all sensations in the physical and emotional body with a sense of welcoming.
The process allows for a gentle and subtle recognition that all emotions and sensations rise up and are allowed to be felt as they pass through the body.
This is the entire premise of iRest yoga and truly brings an authentic integration of possibly life long senses of dis-ease in the body.
This isn't about feeling better but getting better at feeling.
The gong meditation afterwards allows for even deeper movement with the energetic expressions of these sensations and can promote a sense of closure to the issue.

Sessions are 90 minutes for $100 plus tax


To book a session, please contact Rob directly at 250-614-4698 or the studio at

Prior to booking, Rob will arrange a one on one meeting with you to discuss in more detail what to expect from a dyad and to ensure your confidentiality.