What should I bring to class?

Yourself and a smile! Just bring yourself and wear comfortable clothing!  If you have a favorite yoga mat or your own yoga gear feel free to bring it, but we supply a large array of mats, blocks, bolsters and equipment to assist you in your class! We do not charge any extra fees for the use of the equipment, however we ask that you use it with gentle hands respect the equipment provided.  

I'm not flexible can I still come to yoga?

YES! Come join us for a class or two! You may notice a difference in your flexibility after the first class! Yoga is meant to get the body moving, so if yours doesn't move as well as it once did don't let that discourage you! Yoga is about your own practice, not what the instructor can do or what the person next to you can do. If mobility or flexibility is a problem maybe start in the beginner class and go from there!

Where can I buy class passes or memberships?

You can purchase passes during reception hours at the studio.  You may also purchase passes prior to your class starting, but our most popular choice is buying passes online our through our exclusive app on IPhone and Android (just search for YOGA PG).

How do I find the IPhone App for YOGA PG?

Please click on the link below if you are browsing this site with your IPhone or IPad device!

How do I find the Android App for YOGA PG?

Please click on the link below if you are browsing this site with your android device!

Are there stairs to get to the studio?

Nope! We understand the mobility problems a lot of our clients have which is why our studio is conveniently located on ground level! NO STAIRS!

Need wheelchair access? We have that too!

Is there parking?

Yes! We have LOTS of free and easy access parking right in front of the studio! Park upstairs on Union street for the best parking spots!

How do I sign my child up for the Kids Yoga Class?

You can sign your child up online! Just log into your own account on our website, click on "My Info" then add your child under the  "Add family member" section. From there, you can book classes and make purchases. Or you can pop into the studio and one of our team members can help you out!

This feature is currently not available on the Yoga PG app, but we're working on it!

*To cancel classes, please call or email the studio. Please note that we do have a 3 hour cancellation policy.

*Be sure to add your child's birth date so you can book the kids class online.

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