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The WholeSum3

Where ever you are on your healing journey, Kara would be honoured to help you.

If you've been looking for support with an area of your life or body, Kara would like to offer you an opportunity to explore healing with her newly inspired WholeSum3 Healing sessions.

Collectively, we've been raised to bury our emotions, our traumas and the various parts of ourselves that didn't quite fit the mold of a drastically unwell society. It's time to start uncovering these parts. To show up a little less "polished" and a little more ourselves.

These private sessions are a practice of embodiment. They're a chance to step away from the comfort of the logical realm and allow space for your body's innate wisdom to be heard. Each session is different, incorporating movement, breath, meditation, conversation and more.

These sessions are intuitively led and may involve physical, mental, emotional or spiritual wellbeing. Kara combines her Ayurveda education, Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching experience, over 1000 hours of Yoga and movement training and her own personal embodiment experiences.

Kara may suggest various remedies or exercises to try at home and remains available for questions and support after your session. All sessions are kept private and confidential.

Don't hesitate to send us a message or email Kara at to see if this session feels right for you.


(250) 596-8332


200-513 Ahbau St, Prince George, BC V2M 3R8, Canada