ASSISTED YOGA (THAI MASSAGE) AT                      

Vivian Giannisis offers Thai Yoga massage which is a unique form that helps to stimulate and restore. It creates the flow of energy that promotes a feeling of relaxation and energy.

Vivian will take you through yoga-like movements by applying deep pressure on the muscles and using her body weight through her palms, thumbs, elbows, feet and knees. This gives you a complete body relaxation and renewal.

Thai Yoga massage benefits you by detoxifying the body, improving blood circulation and relieving the build up of tension and energy blockages.

Thai Yoga massage improves muscle flexibility, mobility and helps to reduce stress while improving your overall energy level.

See how Thai Massage will make you feel, closing your eyes and breathing, letting go. Feeling the expansion of the heart and the sensations in the body, your true self and being open to where the path will lead you; in a place of stillness and peace.


Vivian offers treatments on Tuesdays and Thursdays, beginning in January 2020.

(250) 596-8332


200-513 Ahbau St, Prince George, BC V2M 3R8, Canada